Ethan "Ittim" Hagan

Picture of me at BPCC hosted 2-Minute drill.

Me, May 14 2019 @ BPCC 2-Minute Drill

As the heading states, my name is Ethan. I enjoy learning & volunteering, thus I have plenty of certifications as well as volunteer hours. I currently attend Bossier Parish Community College as a Computer Information Systems Major, while also serving as both the Student Government & Rotaract President. I have already graduated with CTCs in Help Desk, Computer Repair, & Network Security, and have also earned many certifications, but I'll list those elsewhere. Oh, I am also always on Discord, and have begun streaming from time to time, and to top it off, I coded about this website!

As for work, I am actually a part-time employee at BPCC, and have been so for just over 1 year. My first position was as a Student Worker in Student Life, which was then followed by working in the BPCC Prometric Test Center onthe other side of campus as a regular part-time employee, meaning my pay almost doubled. Now, I work in the Cavalier Care Center serving students who need help with food, work, somewhere to live, and so much more!