Mogul Development

Mogul Development is my development team, which updates and maintains projects such as TycoonMogul, and, and is also the focus of the Discord server located in the footer. I started the team alongside 2 of my good friends, who play vitals roles; Puyodead1 as the Lead, and really only Developer, and XiuhcoatlSlayer as the Lead Moderator. TycoonMogul is a Discord economy bot, and the flagship project, as it was the whole reason we created the team. It brings entertainment to an ever increasing number of servers, as you can see by the counter in the top-right, which is always updating via our TM-API. is our website to show off everything, so if you want to learn more in detail, you should head over there. Otherwise, feel free to invite TycoonMogul to your servers, and try it out, we'll appreciate it bunches!